Ocean Quest Going Regional in 2016

With the addition of Thailand and Indonesia Ocean Quest has reached regional scale in 2016. The trust of the public in our approach of coral reef rehabilitation has made it possible. Our growing numbers of highly motivated coral propagation trainers help us accomplish our goal in broad scaled coral reef rehabilitation. In 2016 also we will bring our partner program Sea Shepherd Dive to the field and put direct action in coral education programs with qualified dive centers. Our partner in Europe shall see more growth in campaigns too. As we speak Ocean Quest France and Ocean Quest Germany is already carrying our message of coral conservation. These development shall carry to the years to come. We are also returning to Brunei in a more proactive approach and more collaborations. The expansion not only in the field of training but also the management and monitoring of coral nurseries in the region. Some areas in the Philippines and in Malaysia we have reached the scale of coral sanctuary and proposing effective governance. Research is also intensified to find newer and more effective methods, techniques, materials and concepts of coral conservation. Broadening our reach means we now are able to training more coral gardeners in the region to help restore more reefs. Happy New Year!


Ocean Quest Instructor Trainers will be conducting the first coral propagation trainer course in Bohol, Philippines on 16th February 2016. This course shall be under the banners of our partner organization Sea Shepherd Dive. The trainer course shall take six full days and it is offered to certified dive master and scuba instructors. This course covers knowledge of corals, propagation techniques, nursery management, coral sanctuary governance and coral transplantation. Upon successful completion of this course the trainer shall be able to conduct coral propagation workshops and coral propagation programs for recreational divers. Now the diving community are able to be part to the Sea Shepherd Conservation movement.

Sea Shepherd - Defending Ocean Wildlife Worldwide.

NEWS 2015

In the opening of 2015, we have decided to spice up our conservation through the introduction of several new programs. The Coral Propagation Program is still as strong as ever. That is because we spent our time doing the right thing. Push forward, it is fair for us to conclude that 2014 has brought significant progress for us. From there we gain grounds on conservation for 2015. Follow our news and you will see where we are heading.


The Ocean Quest adopt a reef program to let willing sponsors to take part in the coral reef rehabilitation. Corals are living organisms that is the key contributor to shelter and sustenance to marine species. In recent years degradation coral reefs is identified as the major cause of declining of fish stock as well as other valuable marine resources. However, due to the existence of corals in the undersea environments it conservation is limited to those with skills and ability to dive to take the role of rehabilitation. Realizing the impact of coral reef degradation many companies, NGO and governmental agencies stepped forward in lending their resources in its rehabilitation. Many areas of the processes has been taken and assisted. Among the processes are educational programs for coral reef “gardening”. For this education Ocean Quest invented a system it called the Coral Propagation Program (CPP) that includes education and techniques which allows everyone to take part in the process.

Now you can - Make a Documentary with your training programs!!

Ocean Quest and its partner Silky Fox Productions are now able to offer our sponsors a package of their coral rehabilitation program complete with a short film. This partnership added more value to the programs.

View the Coral Gardening Video

You can now view the Coral Gardening video at the Coral Gardening website. The full length documentary can be download as well as can be streamed online. The production of this film is non-profit and to support its continuity the film can be download for a small fee.

Launching the Nursery Monitoring and Management Guidebook

The new edition of Ocean Quest Nursery Monitoring and Management guidebook is a supplementary educational material for Ocean Quest coral propagation trainers. All Ocean Quest trainers shall receive a copy when they attend their update in January 2016.


A new Ocean Quest team of multi-national trainers successfully completed their coral propagation trainer course in Batangas, Philippines on December 10th 2015. The six days training introduced the trainer to Ocean Quest comprehensive coral rehabilitation systems.


Founders of the Ocean Quest Philippines are now certified Ocean Quest Instructor Trainers! This puts Ocean Quest Philippines in the forefront of Ocean Quest Trainer development. The team shall also be the regional representative of Ocean Quest Trainer and affiliate development. Bravo!


New location for coral rehabilitation program is established at Pulau Gelok. This is a collaboration program with Ocean Quest, Yayasan Bank Rakyat and the Terengganu State Government.

Ocean Quest / CEMACS collaboration

Ocean Quest and Center for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS) collaborates in coral research at their Muka Head Research Center in Penang, Malaysia. Coral specimens from several locations are brought here for studies.

Ikatere's team visit to Malaysia

Recent visit by our partner from France takes us to our nursery location in Pulau Kapas and the research center at CEMACS. During the visit they learned about how our coral rehabilitation project is run.

Documentary at Blue Ocean Fest

Silky Fox Production's film on Coral Gardening featuring the Ocean Quest coral rehabilitation programs shall be screened at the Blue Ocean Film Fest. Prior to the festival the film is also screened at Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous Marine..


As part of our commitment to coral reef restoration, Ocean Quest shall be in Moalboal and Malapascua to survey sites and initiate coral restoration program there..

Ocean Quest Philippines

We begin a new chapter in our coral reef rehabilitation  in the Philippines. The team have recently completed their coral propagation trainer course and is geared to expand coral reef rehabilitation in the country. In conjunction with the founding of Ocean Quest Philippines we also created a facebook page and website.


Yes they are the first Ocean Quest Coral Propagation Trainers to be certified under the Ocean Quest Philippines program. The team also founded Oceanquest.ph that will expand the coral propagation education further..


On 29th April we traveled to Alona Beach, Panglao to conduct our first Coral Propagation Program there. During the project a team from Silky Fox Production came to film our activity. 


Since commencement of our project in March 2015, we have made good progress in the restoration of the House Reef at Pulau Kapas. There are many who have involved in this project. Aqua Sport dive center plays a big role in making the project possible..


Under the collaborative effort with Bina Darulaman Berhad and Ocean Quest we conduct an exploration to Pulau Perak in December 2014. The research and findings of this exploration is put into this book. The book is put together by Institute Terjemahan Buku Malaysia (ITBM). This book is co-written by  Cecelia Alphonsus

National Marine Awareness Program

On March 24th we congregate in Pulau Payar to do our part for the school kids from around Malaysia. It is an honor to have this opportunity to conduct such comprehensive program for so many children for all over the country.

YBR and OQ
Commencement of partnering in coral propagation education 

Ocean Quest is honored with the partnership with Yayasan Bank Rakyat and the commencement of the first coral propagation workshop on 2nd April 2015.

ADEX 2015

One week to ADEX! you'll find us at booth M13. Come and find out what are the cool stuff you can do with us. ADEX 2015 is at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

ADEX 2015

Find us at booth M13 at ADEX this year. This year we open for those wishing to take part in our coral propagation workshops. At our booth we also have our exclusive hand painted t-shirts for sale. We also have a silent auction of our art to raise fund for coral restoration projects.

Pulau Kapas Coral Restoration Project

Pulau Kapas is the newest venue for our coral restoration project. This is a broad scaled project to rehabilitate the coral reef at the front of the island. 

New Artwork

Check out our art and merchandise page to see what is new. Recently completed artwork shall be exhibited at ADEX in Singapore and also at MIDE in Kuala Lumpur.

Join us in the Philippines

Ocean Quest is going to help with coral restoration in Bohol, Philippines on May 2nd 2015 and on May 29th 2015. Ocean Quest will conduct a coral propagation workshop on the first and third day of the one week projects. If your are interested in doing your part for the coral reef you should sign up in the workshop and get into the action.. come with us..

Pulau Perak

This initiative is made possible through sponsorship by Bina Darulaman Berhad which complete a documentary archiving the entire expedition from beginning till end. The documentary shall help future explorers. This information is published at the National Library..

Coral Propagation

This program is developed by Ocean Quest to help educate the public on coral reef restoration. It is a well structured education program using latest techniques and methodology..

NEWS 2014

Project OSPREY

OSPREY is a project launched recently for 2015. OSPREY stands for Ocean Science Program in Recruitment and Education for Youth. Children and youth are taught ocean science through project based learning. Eight disciplines of oceanography are introduced is the modules of this project. Upon launching Ocean Quest have received invitation to conduct this program at several international and private schools.

Nautilus - Our new custom research boat

Ocean Quest's new research boat is a custom build to suit our research and diving requirements. We build it our self from scratch to save cost and to make it research friendly. We named it Nautilus after the logo of Ocean Quest. Nautilus is built light so that we can deploy and retrieve it off our shore at the end of each day. It shall be equipped with enough instruments for quantitative and qualitative surveys with two researchers and one boatman. Nautilus have three watertight compartment for storage of instruments as well as for safety.


Our commitment to coral conservation has taken us far into the arts and science of it. We studied and create things that previously not available in this field. many have supported us because they find what we are doing is authentic and practical. To help lessen the rate of destruction of the coral reefs we must find solution. Find out more about our innovations... 


There is a new conservation initiative in the diving industry now. Previously many individuals and diving centres wanted to take part in Sea Shepherd in protecting the environment. For this reason Sea Shepherd Dive is formed to incorporate SCUBA education with conservation programs.


Anuar the founder of Ocean Quest is awarded the ADEX – Coral Reef Ambassador in recognition to his commitment in coral reef conservation. The award is presented to him at ADEX 2014 in Singapore.


We are drawn to Brunei Darrussalam again in May 2014 to facilitate a community / conservation project with SCOT and HSBC. Scuba diving students from the two organizations garnered sponsored funds to help with coral conservation. Local diving community and the Department of fisheries also participated in this project.

PASC Coral Project

Pantai Ampang Sports Club (PASC) recently organised a coral propagation program in Pulau Redang. Participants from Pantai Hospital branches through Malaysia took part in this program. This is the first of the Ocean Quest coral propagation program that carries the Sea Shepherd Dive branding.

Projek57 Coral Project

Projek57 is a conservation initiative created by a local free diving community. The project adapts Ocean Quest coral propagation program. The programs takes place at Pulau Songsong, Malaysia. During the program the team also approached local diving community to promote awareness on coral conservation.

BDB Coral Project

Ocean Quest team takes coral propagation to Pulau Payar, Malaysia through a corporate program by Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB). Located in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia the island is the only diving destination is Kedah. The coral reef here is going through severe degradation.

Gardens Coral Project

Children from Gardens International School, Kuala Lumpur took part in a coral workshop at Florabay Divers in Perhentian Island. The coral gardening workshop includes talks and demonstrations on how coral fragging is done.

PNMB Coral Project

Following the success of the first coral propagation program in 2012, Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB) have decided to organise a second program in Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia. Over forty participants take part and more than two hundred coral broodstock is propagated in this program.

Ocean Quest Research Project

Ocean Quest is exploring areas in Terengganu where they can conduct coral rehabilitation and coral propagation research outside touristic areas. Few site has been identified and preliminary surveys and work has been on the way. Once establish Ocean Quest intends to conduct research on hard corals and soft coral species.


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