Ocean Quest is established on August 10th. 2012. Although newly established most of our methodology and material has been developed earlier. Our research dates as far back as 2004. This give Ocean Quest its head start advantage to all its preceding developments. 

Our first coral propagation program takes place in Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia on September 22nd 2012. It is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program for Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB).

Following this Ocean Quest spent the entire season in 2013 developing and refining it's educational material, which is now use in all Ocean Quest courses and programs. Throughout this period Ocean Quest also attained public recognition and its number of participants and affiliates begin to increase. The public support for Ocean Quest is further strengthen by our success in our coral propagation programs on several islands in Peninsular Malaysia and later in Brunei Darussalam. Throughout the year in 2013 we have demonstrated that board scaled coral reef restoration is possible through simple and effective public education.


In 2014 we begin the year with many exciting developments. Our coral propagation program kicks off from early February seeing many participants from a local initiative called Projek57. Bina Darul Aman Berhad also given us the honor to conduct a coral propagation program in Pulau Payar under their sponsorship (click here for their project story).  We have also met and finally established partnership with the Sea Shepherd Dive program that will take our education program further into this region.In Merang we are given a space to establish our micro academy where we will carry out our research as well as to provide public education. We now are in the process of developing and equipping the micro academy with necessary research tools and equipment. With limited funds we find the cost of hiring boats for our work is too costly. On the other hand we could not afford to buy a boat that met our requirements. We went on to build one. (picture below).





Ocean Quest achievement in coral propagation can be seen in its results at several locations in Peninsular Malaysia. In 2013 Ocean Quest have successfully propagate corals in Pulau Tenggol, Pulau Bidong, Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang.

Ocean Quest also have successfully simplified the process of coral propagation and making it possible for anyone to learn how to propagate corals.  With this achievement Ocean Quest revolutionized coral conservation by empowering the public to take active role in coral propagation.

The invention of Ocean Quest's Catalyst enables people to attach coral fragments onto natural live rocks using ordinary cyanoacrylate glue. The catalyst enhances coral growth in the first ten days after propagation. The coral shall naturally establish foot hold on the live rock leaving no trace of the glues after 2 weeks. The catalyst does two things; first it lowers cost of coral propagation by eliminating all man-made structures, second the use of natural live rock eliminates algae infestation problems faced by other coral conservation programs.

The methodology introduced by Ocean Quest is a result of our own research and is incorporated in the Ocean Quest educational systems. By adhering to our believe that our last student is our best student we continually achieve highest program standards. Our courses are well thought-true considering every factor of participant safety as well as lowest impact to the environment. Materials for our courses are written and compiled by our experts without duplication of other coral education systems. We have also established progression of training for coral propagation so the public can begin from the most simplest  and progressively attain complex knowledge and skills.






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