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Ocean Quest pledges to promote preservation of the coral reefs through conservation. As part of this effort we embark in research and development of education systems that will empower the public in coral reef rehabilitation. Most people who frequented the tropical oceans knows that the rate of degradation of the coral reefs is far quicker than we can previously anticipated. The Ocean Quest coral propagation education system is a carefully researched program that allows more hands to take part in "coral gardening". This culture can invoke mass and broad scaled coral propagation that can counter the rate of degradation of the coral reefs.

Chronology in Brief
Beginning on September 12th. 2012 we first introduce the coral propagation program at Pulau Tenggol. The program is sponsored by PNMB through its corporate social responsibility initiative. The result from the first program is published in 2013 and since then more members of the public has come forward in support of our campaign. We also gained few recognitions from our effort in coral conservation. Further development in our research comes in 2014 when we set foot in Terengganu and begin to establish our new research site. This site shall continue the research that was left in 2006. Our steady progress has gained support from several important bodies. April 2014 we saw our first article published in the Asian Diver Magazine. In September 2014 another article on our program in Brunei is published. In between these periods many newer development take place at Ocean Quest. We begin to equip our new facility with necessary tools for the research including building of a custom boat for our purpose. The home to our researchers is also been repaired and prepared for research activities in 2015. You can find stories on our progress through the links below.

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