Coral Restoration Project in the Phillipines


The Philippines is a new location added in 2015 and it is an addition to Ocean Quest commitment to the regional coral restoration capacity. This is our respond to the need for broad scaled coral propagation for purpose of rehabilitating damage reefs. We are told that some reefs in Bohol and its neighboring islands are severely damage by typhoon. We are going to assess the sites and conduct studies on Bohol and tailor a suitable methodology for coral rehabilitation that suits their geographical area. This initiative shall also bring benefits to the local community and industry through education and revenues. While adhering to our approach that harmonize people and the bio-sphere, we hope to harness your support to make this project a regional model for rehabilitative coral nursery. Saying this, it means that we shall return again and again to Bohol to nurture the corals and help reconstruct damage reefs.   

Sierra Madre Divers

To achieve the goals of this project we found a friend and partner in this ecological endeavor. Sierra Madre Divers have help lessen our burden by providing the SCUBA cylinders and necessary dive support to the project. They have let us dive for the coral project at no cost. It is a huge contribution. Therefore we must consider long term relations that did not burden them further. The project have devised diving plans to make room for them and their recreational divers. The plan includes taking days off for every two day of coral project. Volunteers may use this time off to rest or go on recreational dives. We hope that this shall give something back to our partner and help them ease the costs.


Since our first posting in the social media we received overwhelming response from people from all over the world. It is a great honor to know that there are so many people cares about the ocean and the coral reefs. We now have volunteers from different countries in this region joining us in this project. This is the reason we decided that it is crucial to have this page designed specifically for the projects in the Philippines. Now you can find all the information about this project and how to get involved. Maximum number of volunteers at any given time is 8 from visiting team and 8 from the residents. Enrollment is based on first come first serve basis. There are several trips planned for this season and you can check on our calendar to see when and where our project is taking place.

Travel Information

The main gateway city is Cebu. There are many flight from most prominent cities around southeast Asia goes to Cebu. If your city does not have direct flights to Cebu you can take any flights to Manila with a connection to Tagbilaran airport. Those arriving from international flights to Cebu can take the ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran pier (See Ferry Schedule Here).  From Tagbilaran city you can take a tricycle to Alona Beach for Php250-300, or hire a car for about Php500. If you need assistance with transfers, you can contact Sierra Madre Divers to organize them for you.


There are many places to stay at Panglao. Any resort around Alona Beach should be in close proximity of Sierra Madre Divers. Ocean Quest did not offer reservation for places to stay. Volunteers must make their own reservations according to their own budget and personal preference. Most of our volunteer booked their accommodation through internet portal like www.agoda.com and www.booking.com

Confirmed Project Dates

Confirmed project dates are:

2nd May 2015 to 9th May 2015. 

This date includes two coral propagation workshops which is scheduled on 2nd May and 5th May. One 5th May the workshop caters for those arriving late for the project. Those who have completed their workshop on 2nd takes the day off from the coral project on 5th May. Coral propagation on this first phase of the project includes preparing and setting up a coral nursery. Ocean Quest professional team shall arrive on 30th April to conduct a preliminary survey of the sites. Coral propagation continues until 8th May. The volunteer may use their no fly time on that day to visit other parts of the island. Leave Bohol on 9th morning. Details of the coral propagation workshop can be found in this page: www.oceanquest.my/coral-propagation-workshop

29th May to 5th June 2015

This is the second confirmed date of coral restoration project in Bohol. During this phase Ocean Quest is offering a course those wishing to become coral propagation trainers. Coral propagation workshop for volunteers is held on the first day of the program. Ocean Quest professional team shall be on site from 25th May for the coral propagation trainer's course.

4th July to 8th July 2015

Coral propagation project with volunteers with workshop on the first day. The rest of the week is spent on coral propagation with one day of on 6th July. Ocean Quest professional team shall be on site from 1st July to conduct study on corals. Early arrivals may join the study team at their own cost.

Travel Budget

A travel budget checklist example has been created to help our volunteers estimate the costs involved. By using the budget checklist it is easier for the volunteer to visualize how much they will possibly spend to get to the location and stay for the length of time of they planned and get involved with the program. Please visit this link to find out how much you may possibly spend to go from your home to the location, stay, get involved and back. Travel Budget Checklist Example.

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